Felgenreiniger Wheel Cleaner

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With the new rim cleaner F featuring a quick wetting agent, every rim can be cleaned easily and thoroughly. Whether steel, aluminum, or chrome rims, this gentle yet effective cleaner leaves nothing but pure cleanliness.

Environmentally sustainable cleanliness: Rim cleaner F and its impact on the environment. Efficient cleaning agents often contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment. In contrast, the material-friendly composition of rim cleaner F sets it apart from conventional products in terms of environmental protection. The acid-free cleaning gel has a significantly lower pH value, causing no corrosive effects on materials and posing no harm to the environment.

The era of aggressive cleaners that damaged paint and posed significant environmental risks is over with this gentle cleaner. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to wear suitable gloves during use, and rinsing the rims thoroughly with clean water after cleaning is recommended. This ensures that your journey can continue with rims that are sparkling clean and environmentally friendly.

Gentle yet powerful cleaning: The effectiveness of the rim cleaner. It thoroughly cleans all types of dirt while being gentle on paint and rims. Its highly effective gel formulation allows for extended exposure time, which is the key to its success. Mineral grease and oil residues don’t stand a chance, while environmental pollution and brake dust are quickly eliminated.

An action indicator shows the progress of cleaning by changing the color of the gel. The highly effective formula gently and thoroughly cleans steel and aluminum rims, ensuring long-lasting cleanliness. Simple application, powerful results: This is how rim cleaner F is used. Spray the cleaner evenly over the rim from a short distance. Allow it to sit for 3-5 minutes. During this time, the gel cleaner changes color — starting deep blue when freshly applied, transitioning to purple within five minutes. Use a soft sponge or brush to enhance the cleaning effect, especially for stubborn deposits, ensuring a sparkling clean finish. Finally, rinse the surfaces thoroughly with clear water using a high-pressure cleaner.

The strong cleaning concentrate with quick wetting agent and gel formula unfolds its effect quickly and thoroughly.
The advantages that speak for the successful gel at a glance:

  • Brake residues and environmental pollution are completely removed
  • Mineral fat and oil residues also disappear without a trace
  • Automatic and intensive cleaning with a practical effect indicator
  • acid and alkali-free composition for the good of the environment
  • Highly effective gel formulation allows longer exposure times and better results
  • Material-friendly composition prevents damage to paint and surface

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