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Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of 2014 from the company Permanon is the product Permanon Super Matt.

This modern surface protection leaves vehicles or equipment with a dull or matte, non-reflective finish.

A few decades ago, the matte surface finish was discovered as a stylistic element and it is becoming increasingly popular. Our surface protection guarantees easy application and is an environmentally friendly, value-maintaining sealant for all matte-coated, matte plastic-coated, and matte dip-lacquered surfaces.

A sealing of surface pores is not possible with this product!

Permanon Matt contains only monomeric silicon on an aqueous basis. Products from other manufacturers often contain silicone oils or fluorosilanes, in connection with polymers and/or solvents. Permanon Matt is recommended by SkinzWraps! The special properties of Permanon Matt are designed to deliver the ultimate in protection for matte surfaces. The showiness of shiny surfaces is suppressed to achieve an elegant matte effect.

A variety of possible uses for Matt:

  • matt finish and lacquer foil
  • sealing without gloss enhancement
  • UVA and UVB protection
  • hardness protection (degree of hardness 8)
  • electrostatic adhesion
  • no chemical bond with coatings or plastic film
  • after initial application less cleaning applications are necessary

Polishing is not necessary; unobtrusive appearance of matt surfaces on:

  • rally cars and show vehicles
  • camouflage and camouflage vehicles
  • sports, and leisure devices
  • indoor and outdoor furniture – etc.

A follow-up cleaning with our product Permanon Matt Shampoo 2in1 cleans your matte surfaces with the same coating properties as Permanon Matt.

Products: Gloss-level measurement

3 M – Matte films Before After
matt-white 1080 / M10 5,7 % 5,8 %
matt-black 1080 / M12 4,4 % 4,5 %
matt-silver 1080 / M21 4,7 % 4,9 %
matt-military green 1080/ M26 3,8 % 4,0 %
Carbon Fiber
matt-black 1080 / CF12 7,9 % 8,4 %
matt-anthracite 1080 / CF21 9,2 % 9,5 %

+ light irradiation angle of 60°
+ the test was done with mat film 3M and on carbon fiber
+ an irradiation angle of 60° was chosen for sunlight, as this coincides with the average angle of incidence of the sun


Fast and thorough application made easy

Dab or spray a 5% (1:20) solution on the surface to be protected. It must have been cleaned thoroughly and fat-free before. Remove excess cleaner afterwards, rinse or dry.

No reaction time required, and the product need not be rubbed on or polished. This is a much simpler application than what is required for competitor products. You will receive a protective, glossy effect. Also, follow-up maintenance/cleaning will be simplified by up to 80%.


  • For the first application, 2% – 5%.
  • For a brush-up a 2% – 3% concentration will be sufficient.
Please note:

  • The mixture will keep for ca. 3 weeks.
  • 1 liter of the concentrate will yield ca. 50 liters of the ready-to-use solution with a concentration of 2%.

Concentrate or Ready to use:

Permanon products are highly concentrated and thus need to be diluted with water before use. On the other hand, Ready-to-use products are prefabricated and applicable immediately. However, we do not offer Ready-to-use solutions for this product.


All Permanon products are concentrates and with conventional tap water between 3% – 5% miscible. So 5 % 50 ml must be taken from the concentrate and diluted with 1.000 ml of water. The 3% solution arranged 500 ml arround 17 Liter ready-made solution. Please note, after the product is mixed with wter the solution is durable for a maximum of 3 Weeks.

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