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The newest product, Permanon PSI+14 Silver Line, is a true all-rounder – a multi-purpose product that can be applied on any solid surface.

Permanon PSI+14 Silver Line is a newly developed sealant for all kinds of surfaces, guaranteeing maximum protection for your high-quality surfaces due to a high concentration of 14Si molecules.

This ‘All in One’ solution can be used throughout the entire household, on vehicles on the street, or on watercraft.

It is universally applicable and is also safe for most materials: painted surfaces and varnished wood, GFK-rubber and plastic covers, plastics, and hard synthetic fibers, metals, and alloys. There is no danger associated with the usage of the product on the various surface textures listed above, as sealing occurs through electrostatic adhesion and van der Waals interactions.

All Permanon products offer lasting value retention for the surfaces treated.

Impurities such as brake dust, bird droppings, insects, tar, resin, incineration residues, soot, oil, grease encrustations, fuel sediments, and other harmful environmental influences affecting our vehicles can easily be removed thanks to prior sealing with PSI+14 Silver Line.

Quick and thorough cleaning made easy: 

  • private households
  • facility management
  • industry and robotics
  • automation systems
  • schools and government agencies
  • machine & vehicle maintenance
  • surgical instruments
  • restaurants and hotels
  • sweet & salt water vessels
  • fitness equipment

Permanon PSI+14 Silver Line is not recommended for use on extensive transparent surfaces or glass due to its highly concentrated composition. For those purposes, please use this product: Permanon Diamond. The former product Platinum has been discontinued (for reasons of trademark laws) and PSI+14 Silver Line is the successful follow-up product.

Quick and thorough cleaning made easy
Before application thoroughly clean and free of grease the surface to be protected, then apply or spray on the surface a 5% (1:20) solution. Remove excess product, rinse or dry. No reaction time is required, also rubbing, buffing, or polishing is not necessary!

Compared to competitor products, Permanon is simple to use as it cleans and protects in one step. This gives you brilliant shine and protection. Moreover, follow-up maintenance/cleaning becomes more than 80% easier.


  • First-time application: mix PERMANON (3-5%) with water.
  • For shine-renewing a 2-3% solution is sufficient
Important note:

  • After mixing with normal tap water the application solution is stable for about three weeks.
  • 1 liter concentrate produces 50 liters of ready-to-use solution at a concentration of 2%.

Concentrate or Ready to use:
Permanon products are highly concentrated and, therefore, must be diluted before use with water. Ready to use products, however, are prefabricated solutions immediately ready for use, which are not available in the Platinum line.



All Permanon products are concentrates and are mixable with regular tap water at 3-5%. This means 3% that is 30 ml must be taken from the concentrate and must be diluted with 1.000 ml water. A mixing rate of 2% equals 500ml which produces about 25 liters ready-to-use solution. Important: the solution freshly prepared with tap water is stable for about three weeks.

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