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The specialty cleaner Omega from Permanon easily removes inorganic mineral soiling.

The strongly acidic cleaner Omega has been optimized for:

  • limescale buildup
  • salts
  • urine scales
  • verdigirs
  • stubborn dirt e.g. on floors
  • brake dust/wheel rim cleaning

Quick and thorough cleaning made easy. The Omega concentrate is strongly acidic and is extremely well-suited for pre-cleaning various surfaces, cleaning exteriors of trains, truck tarpaulins, marquee tents, and public facilities. It is ideal for heavy soiling in veterinary areas, commercial kitchens, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, and canteens.

Quick and thorough cleaning made easy
Apply or spray a 5% (1:20) solution onto the surface to be protected. Afterwards remove excess product, rinse or dry.


  • First-time application or removal of stubborn soiling: 3-5%
  • Otherwise a 2-3% solution is sufficient.
Important note:

  • After mixing with normal tap water the application solution is stable for about three weeks.
  • 1 liter concentrate produces 50 liters of ready-to-use solution at a concentration of 2%.

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