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Sanides ensures hygiene, lime-free surfaces and provides a fresh scent.

Permanon has developed the low acidic cleaner SANIDES specifically for sanitary areas of pool & spa facilities as well as for the private sector. SANIDES is a specialty cleaner for the entire sanitary area with antimicrobial effectiveness. Primarily designed to work against urine scales and lime-scale buildup, soap, oxidation residues and crystalline deposits in sanitary areas. For various areas, such as fitness centers, tanning studios or physiotherapy centers which need frequent cleaning.

Offering a wide range of surface applications:

  • sanitary installations in private homes and businesses
  • wellness areas and bathrooms
  • public facilities and restrooms
  • washbasins
  • mobile toilets / portable toilets
  • full baths and shower cabins
  • saunas, plunge pools
  • etc.

This effective concentrate guarantees a hygienic atmosphere for your shower and bathtub, fittings, toilet, urinals and bathroom furniture. Staining caused by profuse sweating or other damp residues and stains resulting from various body fluids in connection with suntan creams, lotions and deodorants can be removed quickly and easily with the cleaning agent SANIDES. In addition, SANIDES has a germ-inhibiting effect combined with a refreshing scent.

Our product Sanides for all kinds of dirt and soiling:

  • urine scale deposits
  • resistant to chemicals
  • resistant against salt water

Protective properties remain intact for a long period of time.

Quick and thorough cleaning made easy

Apply or spray on a 3-5% solution. Rub in with a microfiber cloth and then wipe dry. After a short reaction time remove excess product, rinse and dry. Polishing is not necessary! Compared to competitor products Permanon is simple in use as it cleans and protects in one step.

This gives you brilliant shine and protection. Moreover, follow-up maintenance/cleaning become easier more than 80%.

  • First-time application: mix PERMANON (3-5%) with water.
  • For shine-renewing a 2-3% solution is sufficient
Important note:
  • After mixing with normal tap water the application solution is stable for about three weeks.
  • 1 liter concentrate produces 50 liters of ready-to-use solution at a concentration of 2%.
  • A basic cleaning should be carried out initially in the case of stubborn mineral stains (lime and urine scale)!

Concentrate or Ready to use:
Permanon products are highly concentrated and, therefore, must be diluted before use with water. Ready to use products, however, are prefabricated solutions immediately ready for use.


All Permanon products are concentrates and are mixable with regular tap water at 3-5%. This means 5% that is 50 ml must be taken from the concentrate and must be diluted with 1.000 ml water. A mixing rate of 3% equals 500ml which produces about 17 liters ready-to-use solution. Important: the solution freshly prepared with tap water is stable for about three weeks.

READY TO USE SOLUTION – new and improved formula

In the line of Permanon Sanides we offer the product Ready to use, and, therefore, a prefabricated solution immediately ready for use is available. With 500 ml Ready to use an area of up to 50 sqm can be treated. Important: this application solution has been produced with medicinal water and can therefore be stored for approximately 1 year.


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